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Anyone who keeps losing in the “Battle of the Bulge” will be glad to know that there is a simple yet effective weight loss method that you can utilize to lose those unwanted pounds.   It’s called intermittent fasting. 

What Is Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a way to lose weight that involves alternating periods of eating with periods of fasting. 

There are a variety of ways to go about intermittent fasting.  However, one of the more popular fasting programs as outlined in the Eat Stop Eat program is fasting for 24 hours twice a week.   This seems to get the best results for the majority of people.

With this type of fast, even though you are fasting for 24 hours, you are still eating on a daily basis.  For example; you would typically eat your meals for the day prior to 6:00pm and then begin your 24 hour fasting period and not eat again until the following day at 6:00pm in the evening.

When using this technique, it is not recommended that you fast for more than 24 hours twice weekly.  If you do, you may cause your body to enter starvation mode and conserve its resources instead of burning more energy to sustain you in your daily activities.

Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

Following an intermittent fasting routine has many benefits such as:

Helping to lower your calorie intake for the week without having to count calories every meal, making it easier to stay on the program for a longer period of time, lose weight and keep it off.

Fasting to lose weight can also be a very effective way of breaking through a weight loss plateau, something that often happens when you go on a diet.

When you go on an intense exercise plan, your body burns the free fatty acids in your fat cells turning them into energy.  The same thing happens when you go fasting for weight loss, your body starts burning fats in your system for energy and you lose weight in the process.   Fasting for short periods of time will not slow down your metabolism

Intermittent fasting has also been shown to lower blood pressure, reduces oxidative stress, lowers your insulin levels, increase mental and physical energy and decrease the risk of certain diseases such as alzheimers and diabetes.

Is Intermittent Fasting Safe?

When done correctly, it is safe.  Many people have had great results with this technique.

However, If you decide to use intermittent fasting as a way to lose weight and get in shape, be sure to get all the facts and consult your physician before starting with intermittent fasting.

A great resource on the topic is the Eat Stop Eat Program, which delves into the benefits of intermittent fasting and teaches you the methods to do it safely and effectively.

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It is a common myth that the only way to lose weight is through exercise.  However, this myth is false.  There are number of things you can do to lose weight without exercise. 

Now, with that being said, exercise will definitely accelerate your weight loss as well as contribute to your overall health and wellbeing but it is not a necessity.

Three ways to achieve weight loss without exercise are:

 Changing Your Diet

In order to lose weight without exercise you have to immediately change your eating habits.  It is imperative that you begin to eat healthier, lower calorie foods if you want to shed those extra pounds.

You should evaluate what you eat on a daily basis and determine what needs to be removed from your diet. If you are eating a lot of fast food, sugary and/or salty snacks, fatty meats, fried foods and the like, these things will have to be removed from your diet.

A great way to keep track of the calories you are consuming is to keep a diary of everything you are eating each day.

In order to lose one pound, you need to burn or eliminate 3500 calories.  If you currently eat 2500 calories daily, cutting back to 2000 calories daily will result in one pound lost in a week.

Replace all of the "bad" foods with more beneficial foods, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and fish. Replace sugary drinks like soda and juice with water. This will make a dramatic difference, and enable you to lose weight without exercising.

For an added boost in calorie reduction, throw in a day of fasting once a week.  Fasting for weight loss when done properly is an effective method for losing weight.


In some cases, weight loss supplements may be beneficial for weight loss. They are designed to increase your metabolism and help your body burn fat.

However, there are a lot of weight loss supplements on the market, some good and some not so great.

Before deciding to take a supplement, do a little research to determine which one may be best suited for your particular needs. 

You should also consult with your physician before starting on weight loss supplements.

 Become More Active

I know that you are thinking I don’t want to exercise but I am not talking about exercise in the typical sense.

What you can do is in your normal daily routine are little things like, choosing to take the stairs instead of riding the elevator. 

If you can walk to the corner store instead of driving, opt for the walk.  Doing these little things will help you to reach your weight loss goals a little faster.

These are a few ways to lose weight without exercise, but remember that exercise will help you lose the weight much faster and improve your overall health.  So unless you are physically unable to exercise, it is recommended you do so, even if it’s only a moderate amount.

If you are extremely overweight, another option for weight loss would be surgery but this is only recommended in extreme cases where your weight is causing significant health issues.

Your doctor would be the best source of information regarding surgical options for weight loss.

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