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Before starting on your weight loss journey, it is imperative that you define your motivation to lose weight.

Just to say you want to lose weight is not enough.  It makes it too easy for you to give up.  For you to really succeed and reach your weight loss goals, you need to determine why you are losing weight and the positive changes losing weight will have on your life?

This why, if strong enough will be your motivation to lose weight.

Some strong weight loss motivators that have helped many stick to and achieve their goals are:

Improvement In Health

Losing weight will not only change your physical appearance but will have a positive effect on your entire body inside and out.

It has been proven time and time again, that eating healthy, exercising and being physically fit will lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and significantly reduce your chances of getting diabetes, having heart disease or strokes and even certain types of cancers.

Healthier people also tend to live longer lives.  This tip alone, has been the prime weight loss motivation for countless people who have been able to lose weight and keep it off.


Many times those who cannot find the motivation necessary to lose weight for themselves are motivated by the benefits it will have for others.  Such as being able to do more activities and spend more quality time with their children and/or mate.

Also, as stated earlier, getting healthy reduces your chances of being afflicted with certain diseases and medical conditions and therefore, greatly reduce the likelihood that you will need someone to take care of you if your health fails due to conditions related to being overweight.

How You Will Look and Feel

With each day that passes, you will look and feel better. 

In the beginning, try not to focus on the physical transformation so much because this usually doesn’t happen overnight.  If you put too much emphasis on your physical appearance, and not see immediate results, you are likely to become discouraged

Instead, focus on how much better you feel overall and the rest will come.

An Increase In Energy

Once you begin exercising and eating right, you are going to have more energy than you have had in a long time.

This increase in energy will feel great and in order to keep it up and feel this good all the time, you have to stick with your lifestyle changes.

Sense of Accomplishment and Recognition

The praise and recognition that you will begin to receive from others as you transform your body, mind and health can be a huge motivation for weight loss.

We all love to receive recognition, especially when it is positive recognition for a job well done.

Feel Better About Yourself

You will begin to see yourself in a different light.  You will feel so proud of the accomplishments that you are making by sticking to your plan.

There is no better feeling than setting out to do something and achieving your goal, especially when the goal is a thinner, healthier, happier you.

Improved Relationships

When you feel better about yourself and radiate positive energy, you begin to attract people to you.

This will no doubt have a positive effect on your current or potential relationships.

When you feel good about the way you look and feel, it makes it a lot easier to interact positively with others and can also have a huge impact on any romantic relationship you have.

These are some of the popular weight loss motivators that keep people dedicated to their plan.  What is your motivation to lose weight?

Just remember, if you have a strong enough why, you will find the how.  Just take it one day at a time and before you know if, you will be well on your way to achieving your goal of looking and feeling great!

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